Tullah Tech specializes in providing a host of services and solutions in the field of E-Commerce, Web Application Development, Web Designing, Content Management Solutions, Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Solutions, SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing Solutions.


Headquartered in Kolkata and Vancouver, TTS has been serving clients spread across India, North America, UK and Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East.







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We specialize in projects that combine of strategy and cutting-edge technology into businesses, hence enabling huge cost cuttings in your daily web expenses. Integrity ,loyalty, quality control, and dynamic customer relations are the distinguishing variables which ensure our ongoing success and that of our customers.


We enable our customers to generate the maximum return on investment within the shortest time span. We aim to help our clients bring about the best possible combination of strategy, technology, experience and creativity to every aspect of their Web-based projects.


Our development team represents one of the leading resources for innovative and sophisticated web-based solutions accompanied with full range of customized interactive, web development software tools along with professional strategies that enable our customers to be market leaders.

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We offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better. Everything from creating standards of excellence to training your people to work in more effective ways, assessing how you’re doing, and helping you perform even better in future. Very few others do this our way as us.


Customized E-Commerce Solutions Geared to Boost your Business

A solid E-Commerce platform is the blueprint for the success of your online business. At TTS we utilize advanced technology to offer you the most comprehensive and customized e-commerce solutions that complies with your core business goals & objectives and adds to the unmatched business value.

We understand that the increasing popularity of online purchases have made it essential for every business to ensure a 24×7 presence for their prospects. From shopping cart integration, product catalog management to fully customized search fields for the online store, our all-inclusive e-commerce design and development solution encompasses every single thing that is required to boost your online business. Besides, we create a secure platform for online transactions which will safeguard your customers’ data and enable you to manage the most critical online transactions, sans hassle.

We utilize various platforms such as BigCommerce, Magneto, WordPress, Shopify, OSCommerce to develop custom e-commerce websites. Our expert team of professionals shall plan, design and develop an easy-to-manage and highly functional e-commerce store that will improve your conversion ratio and generate sales.


Customized E-Commerce Solutions Geared to Boost your Business

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Web Application Development Services with a Strong Focus on Customization and User-friendly Experience

TTS specializes in offering custom web application development solutions to small and mid-sized business enterprises. We boast the technical expertise and knowledge to provide progressive end-to-end web solutions. Our web application development services address a variety of business requirements and we have successfully developed customized website modules, rendered CRM integration along with a gamut of stand-alone web-based applications.

We develop intuitive web application that influences the growth of clients’ business, that too at a budget friendly price. We understand that each client has unique requirements and hence we offer tailor-made web application services. Utilizing the latest technologies and robust management tools, we provide web application development solutions that are fully usable, scalable and compatible across several web browsers and web platforms. We have an experienced team of web developers who comply with the industry best practices and work closely with our clients. We also offer post-deployment assistance and resolve any issues after the launch of your application.

We develop wide range of web applications and websites with PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, Web 2.0 and jQuery that are also compatible with mobile devices. Besides, we have developed WordPress blogs as well as bidding websites with easy integration to payment gateways.

Our dynamic web applications will assist you in streamlining your business process. We stay abreast of the advanced technology and make use of our rich-domain experience, expertise and knowledge. The web applications we develop are flexible and can be changed according to the ever-changing requirements of our clients’ business.

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Web Application Development Services with a Strong Focus on Customization and Experience

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Responsive Website Designs Powered by Innovation and Creativity.

The essence of website designing moves beyond the mere aspect of splashing colors on to a web page and embellishing it with alluring graphics. At TTS we blend creativity with technology. We do not just create a beautiful layout of a website but also empower it with creativity that enthrall and engage the visitors. We flex our creative muscles to bring in designing patterns that are second to none.

We brainstorm and toil hard to create designs that attract the visitors and hook them in! We pay attention to each detail and diligently use the colors, codes, fonts and background elements that are in sync with our clients’ business.

Our creative team of web designers is competent to strike the right balance between the look and feel of the website and the functional aspects. We dedicate time to understand client’s business, their objectives, and conduct back-end research about the competitors for better understanding so as to meet the exact business requirements of the clients and transform ideas into reality.

We design W3C compliant websites. Our web designers specialize in CSS, Photoshop, HTML, XHTML and Web 2.0 technologies. Some of the most common design tools we utilize include Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Flex and many more.

We ensure that the websites that we design are easy-to-navigate, user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. Our customized website designing process offers complete flexibility to the clients and one of a kind experience to the visitors. The practice of browsing internet on the mobile devises and other gadgets like tabs and ipads, has been growing exponentially. As a proactive approach to this opportunity we have implemented Responsive Websites for a number of our clients such that several elements of the website like the navigation, header, content, layouts, images and other UI elements fit across the variety of gadgets.

With extensive experience and rich domain knowledge, we help our clients reap rich dividends with customized and user-responsive website designing services.

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Responsive Website Designs Powered by Innovation and Creativity

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Content Management System

Easily Manageable Customized Content Management Solutions

Your website needs to evolve along with your organization. Our Content Management System (CMS) lets you manage your site content without any hassle. At TTS, our CMS solutions will transform your static website into an essential and powerful business tool. Even with minimal technical knowledge, you can have your staff update, publish, modify or delete the content of a website.

Our CMS adheres to the industry standard framework that offers flexible and scalable solutions with user-friendly functionality. We can develop and execute CMS as per your specific requirements based on WordPress, Joomla and Drupal platforms.

Here’s a list of features that TTS CMS has to offer:

Easily editable interface Flexible navigation, Supports complex product database and multiple languages, Adds, removes and updates pages with ease, Fully customized admin and user privileges, To discuss your project, give us a call.


Easily Manageable Customized Content Management Solutions

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Mobile Apps

Smart and Customized Mobile Apps for Diverse Business Solutions

Over the past few years the global spending on mobile apps has escalated immensely. Several businesses and services have witnessed immediate increase in sales post introduction of their mobile app. Simply put, mobile apps empower the businesses to penetrate the wide network of their prospective audience, engage them and help the businesses leverage their annual sales figure.

Mobile app allows businesses to provide viable information to their potential customers, related to their products or services, anywhere, anytime, on the move! With mobile apps, the businesses can put their brands right into the hands of their prospective customers.

At TTS, we develop mobile apps that cater to the unique needs of your businesses and connect you with your potential clients. We offer end-to-end mobile apps development service across Android platform. We conform to the highest technical standards and emphasize on the GUI, usability and functionality of the apps we develop. Our flexible business model assists you in opting for the most viable development solution that meets your budget.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the technical aspects is reflected in the apps we have developed. Besides, we are exploring possibilities of getting into apps development for other platforms as well.

So if you are looking to develop a progressive mobile app for your business, we have a team you can depend on.

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Smart and Customized Mobile Apps for Diverse Business Solutions

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Custom Development

Deploying Dynamic Custom Development Solutions for Improving Business Efficiency

Efficient management of the business operations is one of the key aspects for business growth. At TTS, we provide custom development solutions that empower your businesses and add exceptional value to your organization’s structure. Our custom development modules vary from Software Re-engineering, Client Server Application, Open Source Integration, XML Apps to API Integration. Our services are offered across various domains like Retail, Realtors, Educational Institutions, DoctorsLawyers, Manufacturing, Finance Healthcare and many more.

Our technical team possesses an in-depth knowledge and experience to understand your unique business requirements. Our custom development solutions re-define innovation and flexibility. We work closely with our clients to identify and strategize the possible improvement areas within their existing business process. Be it human resource management (HRM) applications, enterprise resource and planning (ERP) software or customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, we offer highly scalable and customizable services to our clients that perfectly suit for their business objectives.

Enhancing the overall business value and client satisfaction is our prime prerogative and we deliver the best-in-class solutions that strengthens our bond with our clients. Our custom development solutions assist businesses to become more organized, productive, secure, and much more profitable. This is the reason why most of the small and mid-sized businesses trust TTS as their information technology partner.

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Deploying Dynamic Custom Solutions for Improving Business Efficiency

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Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing Websites for Higher Conversions

More than 90% of online experiences begin with search engines which generates 60% of the qualified web. Apart from this, a survey report has recently revealed that 75% web surfers do not look beyond the first page of the search engine result page (SERP). These statistics attest how important it is for an online business to secure higher search engine ranking in order to augment its online visibility. As a matter of fact, making way to the top of the SERPs is a tough job but what is even more difficult is retaining that position. At such crux, an effective search engine optimization strategy truly stands out.

At TTS, we develop both on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)strategies for your business. We cater to the requirements of the businesses seeking to improve their search engine visibility through better ranking in the major search engines like Google and Bing.

Our experienced SEO professionals have hands-on involvement in every SEO project and always stay updated about the ever-changing search engine algorithms. With an eye to detail on the various parameters that influence a website’s ranking like the content, hyperlinks, title, descriptions, alt tags, design, link building and many more, we aim at improving web traffic your through higher site rankings.

Our SEO methodologies include: Complete Website Analysis, Competitor Website Analysis, Keyword research.

On-page SEO activities which include Alt tag optimization, meta tag optimization, canonical issue fixing, web content optimization with linking, checking for duplicate content, checking 404 errors and many more.

Off Page SEO activities which include directory submission, social bookmarking, article, blogs and press release submissions, web video creation and submission, forum posting, blog commenting, local business listing and many more.

Generating monthly SEO reports

At TTS, we adhere to the ethical SEO techniques to offer long-term results to our clients. We do not follow haywire link building methods; rather generate high-quality backlinks from relevant and high-authority domains. Our measurable and standardized goals help our clients derive long-term and substantial benefits.

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Optimizing Websites for Higher Conversions of Website Analysis

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Digital Marketing

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions to give an Extra Edge to your Business.

Digital marketing is a relatively cost-effective medium that helps you market your brand much more conveniently and efficiently as compared to the conventional forms of marketing. Digital Marketing allows you to enhance your focus on the target market and lets you achieve quicker and quality conversions. Apart from that, you can also measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign with ease and can amend your strategies to derive better results.

At TTS, we create innovative digital marketing plan for your brand’s success. Our digital marketing experts shall assist you in framing the right strategies and suggest the best medium that can be used to boost your brand identity in the World Wide Web. Our professional experts will create and manage your social media pages to promote your brand to develop a constant engagement with your targeted network of customers and expand your reach. Besides, we also offer mass-mailing services (through third-party servers) to maintain and manage your newsletter and e-mailer campaigns.

Our full suite of digital marketing services also include custom website designingwhich is equally essential to engage the web audience and influence conversion, SEO services to steer more traffic to your websites and web copywriting services to engage the online visitors. Our team of digital marketers is updated with the latest technologies and utilizes the latest tools and amenities to ensure that your brand win an edge over your competitors.

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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions to give an Extra Edge to your Business

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We can apply any and all the following to reach your desired goals
  1. Minimize HTTP requests. …
  2. Minify and combine files. …
  3. Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files. …
  4. Defer JavaScript loading. …and …..

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